Who Is Caro?

Carolyn’s eponymous line of jewellery embodies her sense of style, love for beauty and passion for great design. With a background in the arts, Carolyn spent many years in the corporate world and has now returned to her roots, launching Atelier CARO to bring together her love of jewellery and the desire to share it with others.  Using only high quality materials like 14k gold and gemstones, it is her dream to create jewellery that is meaningful, where the style is timeless and transcends trends.

Meticulously hand-made, every Atelier Caro piece is created with love and intention.  Our hope is that our jewellery is seen as a way to tell your own story.  Selecting stones that have a meaning to you, whether it’s a birthstone or where the meaning of the stone speaks to you, and layering them with your 14k gold foundation pieces, our desire is to create jewellery that connects with you and helps you to tell your story.

Carolyn’s dream to share her love of simple beauty is reflected in everything she makes.  We hope you love it.

Made to order.  Made with love.